PTN Update

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’m going through a lot of personal issues at the moment that I’m not quite ready to share with the internet. Hopefully I’ll be back since GISHWHES starts soon and I’ll be able to have some adventures.


I’ve been horrible at keeping this thing going…

But it’s that time of year again, folks… GISHWHES time! I did it last year with my friend Allegra. We didn’t really have a team so we got thrown together with a couple of other teams. This year we found a group of people and have been adding to our team.  We even did a google+ hangout thing where we became so fascinated with the stickers and such that it took up most of the time.

I became a hipster pirate! Argghh

Also, new year, new mascot! Last year’s mascot, the Wooster, was caught doing some… not so appropriate things and Misha was forced to find a new one.

Misha Collins and GISHWHES do not condone underage drug use or the hanging out with Justin Bieber

Thankfully there just so happened to be another strange hybrid animal out of work. Welcome the Elopus!

Hopefully there will be more interesting tasks and maybe Team Game of Pwns could get close to winning this thing! It starts in August, but I’ve had GISHWHES fever for a while now. I’d like to think I’d end up with more photos likes last years:

And this…


Though I would most definitely need a passport as the winners go to Croatia… That’s a bit more interesting than Canada, but since I haven’t been to another country, it would interesting.

Take a gander at the GISHWHES website and consider joining! There is a fee to join, but it all goes to a good cause.


7 (Free) Ways to Instantly Improve Your Day

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Sometimes you wake up with the feeling that today’s cards are stacked against you. If today is one of those days and you’d like to have a hand in changing your fate, here are seven ways to rig the deck to be in your favor.

1. If you’re walking somewhere, don’t look down.

I discovered this trick when I was a junior in high school as part of a theatre assignment. I honestly don’t remember what the assignment was, or why I had to do this, but it was very eye-opening to me, since it still plays a part in my life almost four years later. People constantly walk with their eyes down; avoiding eye contact with strangers, avoiding interaction with the world, or maybe just making sure they won’t trip. But while they’re watching their feet, they miss out on everything; other people passing by, the weird shaped clouds…

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PTN Personal: Depression

Not too long ago I had a bit of what I like to call a depression relapse. It’s a moment where my anxiety runs wild do to some sort of situation that has me nervous or upset, triggering my depression and eating disorder remnants. I was at work when the last one happened and wrote down what was going through my mind/ a free write. I’ve deleted some parts that are specific to the situation, but all in all, the reactions are just the same. If you know someone who’s depressed but don’t quite understand it, this might help a little.

Featured Image -- 3923

Ah, shit. Of course I left my Xanax at home…

I’m at this point emotionally where I used to be almost all the time before I started seeing doctors and became properly medicated. I can ignore the feelings to an extent and still put on a happy front, or at least a content front, but on the inside I want to just cry. I want to go home, go to sleep, cry my eyes out and ignore any and all plans I’ve had for the next few days. Why? Because this is how my body decides to work. I don’t like it any more than anyone else, but I’m trying to control it.
What kills me is the hunger. I’m hungry, but I don’t want to eat. I very rarely get hungry, and when I actually hear my stomach growl or have a craving for food, I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve eaten. But this is also where the eating disorder kicks in. If I get upset, anxious, nervous, etc. my ED habits come back, where I don’t eat. The hunger pains are familiar and sadly, comforting. It’s become my coping mechanism and it sucks. This is why I shut down for over four years.
But now I’m seeing all of my friends get engaged or married and it reminds me of how alone I am. While I enjoy being alone, I hate being lonely. I desperately want someone to wrap their arms around me and tell me everything’s going to be okay…
Times like these my emotions run wild and take over *everything* I think about.
Do I have friends? Not really, you idiot. You’ve shut out most people from your life.
How’s work going? How do you think? You get paid $10 an hour for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. You barely make enough to cover rent and you have no idea where you’re going to be living in a few months.
For once, can’t you just get your shit together and live your life? But I’m trying to live my life. I went over 4 years without the distraction of a significant other. I had no one else to worry about besides myself. I had the time to work on my confidence and my self esteem. It still sucks, but I’m getting there.
Can it be 3 o’clock yet? I just want to go home and curl up in bed and forget. Why? Not a fucking clue, and it’s making me want to cry. Like, I have tears swelling up in my eyes. Actually, I kind of know why. I want myself to feel bad. Since I was a kid anytime I was upset at something, someone was there to tell me I was worthless or whatever. Making myself feel like shit is a terrible thing to do and most certainly not healthy in the slightest, but unfortunately, like the refusal to eat, is a coping mechanism and is familiar and comfortable.
But this is what happens when I get upset over something I hold dear. I distort my thoughts into a way that I slowly chip away at my sanity and my whatever level of contentment I happen to have that day. When you’re depressed, I feel you never truly get over it and there will be moments like this that will snap you back, like a relapse. Add the ED to the mix and I’ve got a party ready for my sophomore year of high school.
These thoughts took up an entire day of my life. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get the voice out of my head and just waited to fall asleep for it to go away. I’m doing better, but the emotional wall I’ve had up for the past few years has been put back together and standing tall again. While it’s nice to keep my emotions in check, I’d like to one day maybe build a door for this wall so I can come and go as I please. I have a long way to get there and it’s going to be one hell of a journey.

PTN College Edition: Resume Tips

Okay, since I haven’t done any PTN College Tips in a while and my part time position is mainly editing resumes for a staffing agency, I figured I’d put those two together and make a post about resumes!

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Everyone wants their resume to stand out when they’re applying for a job. I mean, you kind of have to look different in some ways to catch the recruiters’ eyes and all. But some people take it a bit too far. I’ve been dealing with a lot of technical resumes, which can get pretty long and monotonous after a while. But here are my top tips for resumes.

Note: When you submit your resumes to a staffing company for a position, most likely they have a set format each resume has to follow. Meaning that anything you do to your resume to make it “stand out” doesn’t matter since they have to re-do it to make it look like every other resume their company submits. (aka, this is my job)


1. Colors are not something you should really be playing around with. I’ve come across resumes in navy blue, lavender, etc. They’re not going to make a difference. If anything, they’re a bit annoying. Especially if you’re submitting through a staffing agency. Also, if you’re submitting through an online form and you think that hiding key words in white will help you out, when the program goes through your resume it will highlight what’s written, meaning all of your hidden key words are no longer hidden, making it look a bit stupid.

2. Please, stick with one column. I don’t know why this has become a thing now, but I’ve come across far too many resumes that use two columns. I don’t get the appeal and it can even make the resume more complicated to understand. Seriously, simple is the best way to go.

3. Stick with basic fonts. Again, this is going along with the KISS method (keep it simple, stupid). If your resume isn’t being looked at by a human, it’s just getting thrown in some program and getting analyzed. Arial and Times New Roman are classics.

4. Don’t use tables. For the love of all things, don’t use tables. Especially if you’re submitting online. Most programs can’t read tables and just skip over it. So anything you put in the table may not even be read. The only way I can see tables being useful is if you’re converting your word document to PDF or you’re printing it out to hand in a physical copy.

5. Bullet points are your friend.  It makes it easier to see all the information clearly. Paragraphs aren’t really necessary in a resume. Use a few sentences to describe a job position if necessary.

6. Don’t write in first person!! Your resume should be in third person. There shouldn’t be any ‘I’s or ‘my’s anywhere!


  • Not every resume you hand in should be tailored to the specific info in the job description, but have a few different resumes for different types of jobs. For example, I have one for office positions and one for more media/journalistic positions. Each highlights the skills I have for the specific areas. But definitely consider tweaking some keywords if you really like a position and want a better shot of getting through to a person.
  • You don’t need every job you’ve ever done ever. I’ve come across this more with the technical resumes. The average length of some of them is about 5-6 pages. I’ve had a few come in at 10-14 pages. If you’ve had the same type of position at a couple of different jobs, there’s no real reason to have them all down.
  • On that note, you don’t need to put every single thing you’ve done at the job on your resume. The average resume for a college grad should be 1-2 pages. If you did a lot of different roles at a position, try and narrow it down to the core duties.
  • Volunteer work isn’t really necessary. Unless you happen to have a steady volunteer position (I definitely add my MMM position to my resume) or you have a gap between employment.
  • You don’t need to add everything you’ve ever accomplished. I was looking through a resume for an IT position and the guy had put down that he’s a certified umpire. That’s great, but really doesn’t do anything to help getting an IT job.
  • GPAs aren’t really necessary either. If you graduated cum laude or the like, you can put that if you want, but most people tend to look for you having a degree, not if you were the top in your class. (Note: this totally changes job to job. If you’re in a field where GPAs are taken seriously, then by all means, but it down. It’s just for your basic entry-level position, they don’t really care too much.


 Send your resume through spell check/ grammar check. There’s nothing worse than having a kick ass resume with grammatical errors

Have a friend look it over to make sure nothing seems out of place. You may have a preference for a way something looks but it just doesn’t sit right with others.

Make sure you save the document with your name in it. Whoever is looking at your resume needs a way to differentiate yours from the hundreds of others they’ve received.

PTN Update

So I’ve been pretty silent the past few weeks, and I apologize for that. Basketball completely took over my life.

First I went with the Uha Pep Band to the campus of UAlbany for the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament. So I was running around trying to play drums, take pictures, meet new people and not screw up on national television. We went to a Dave and Buster’s which was cool since the only other time I went we just went to eat. I was a bit upset because I totally rocked at this one game and it didn’t register my score and definitely didn’t give me the appropriate tickets. I ended up getting a shot glass at the gift shop because that’s all that was worth while and something I could afford.

If this looks familiar, it’s because it was on Reddit =)

After the tournament I drove to Stony Brook to cover the championship game. It was rough seeing Hartford lose in the semis, but it was a great game and the men did what they could. What I was happy to see was Albany beating Stony Brook on their home court. Sorry, SB, but sometimes you just bother me. Got to meet some of the players, take pictures and feel like a real media person!

Not bad for a 5am wakeup call

They managed to spell my last name wrong even though I had to enter it so many times in the filing…

Back to Back Champions and some of the nicest guys I’ve met!

 Then of course came the NCAA Tournament. I did pretty okay until UConn upset Florida. But I still ended the bracket with an 86.6% on

Oh, and I totally got a part time job. It’s not the best paying job, but I really like the atmosphere and the people I work with. Which is the complete opposite of the last temp job I had. Today was one of my coworker’s birthday, so we had cake and the owner bought her some presents! Free cake!

 I’m also in the process of downsizing. Due to all the financial strains, my storage unit has to come to and end… Which  means I’ve been sorting through stuff I haven’t seen since my childhood and donating sooo many things to Goodwill. Hopefully someone will get use out of my old stuff.

 So that’s it. My life went from being boring to at least partially exciting within a month!

 I’m also going to apply for this fellowship with America East. It fits in with the social media and sports thing I like to do and it would pay much more than the part time job (duh) but I’d have to relocate to the Boston area and I don’t know if I’d be ready for that.