Supernatural Season 9 Ep 7: Bad Boys

SPOILERS . . . . . . . . . . I liked this episode because we were able to see more of the Winchesters as kids. Seeing 16 year old Dean get arrested and sent to a boy’s home for stealing peanut butter and bread was something I never would have thought of. It embodies his recklessness (losing the food money in a card game) and his love for Sam (stealing food for him) and family. It was interesting to see a ghost attached to a person. Timmy’s mom having died in a car crash after she threw him out the window to save him, but came back after she heard him crying out for her. Interesting story. I was wondering why such a shy, timid kid was at a place like Sonny’s.

We also got to see (probably) Dean’s first relationship. It was young and sweet and probably along the lines of “first love”. He really liked her and it was heartbreaking to see him have to choose between taking her to the school dance or going back with his dad.

But it all starts when Dean gets a call from Sonny saying one of his good friends  and coworkers is killed by a rusty old tractor that turned itself on. They think they have everything finished when they salt and burn the bones of a friend who accused his wife and the coworker were having an affair. He killed his wife, but the coworker got free.They don’t get too far until the ghost makes another appearance and kills Sonny’s wife. She was in the bath and the ghost smothered her with the shower curtain.

They got the call after Dean rushes them out of a diner. His waitress was Robin, his teenaged “girlfriend” from his time at Sonny’s. She claims not to remember him, but we find out later she does and was hurt by his leaving on the night of the dance.

So the boys have to figure out who this ghost is and why it’s still here. Sam takes the barn this time, while Dean takes the house. Sam finds a nice drawing of what happened with Timmy and his mother.

But Robin is over to give guitar lessons to Timmy when things get out of control. Sam and Dean make a salt circle around her and try to fight off Timmy’s mom. But she’s an overprotective mother, refusing to let anything happen to her child. But it’s her inability to move on that’s made her into a crazy psycho ghost, killing pretty much anyone who interacts with Timmy.

They think it’s the action figure that his mom gave him that’s keeping her here, but it’s actually Timmy himself. He needs to let her go. With Dean and Sam having been flung into quite a few walls at this point, it’s up to the boy to stand up to her and tell her to go. She listens, changes from this ugly thing to her normal self and leaves.

The most adorable thing ever: Dean with kids.

There’s a lot of talk on tumblr about how this episode made a lot of characters seem a bit out of character. I don’t think so. They mention how Dean is usually so hell bent on saving Sammy, so why not run away from this place? Why does Daddy Winchester do anything about it?

I took this as Dean messed up and knew he needed to be there. Sammy was with their father, and even though his dad was away a lot, his choice to leave Dean at the home meant he had to take full responsibility of Sam.

Why doesn’t Dean run away? Because Dean listens to his father. And if he wants him to stay at this place, then he’ll stay there.

Why isn’t Sam, who’s so co-dependent on his brother, go knocking the door down to get him? Because their father said he had gotten lost on a job. It was John’s job to make sure Sam didn’t go running off to go find him or save him, so they created their story.

How was Dean the wrestling champion if he was only there for two months? Well, it could be a team kind of thing, like a superlative, or he could have started the two months later in the year. They mention the school dance, and from my experience, those are in the warmer months.

Yes, there are a lot of things that were a bit weird with this episode, and if you go nit-picking the whole thing, you’re going to find some inconsistencies and holes. But I feel most stories that have been going on for so long tend to have them.

Anyway, next week is Rock and a Hard Place.

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